Photography didn’t come naturally to me. I stumbled on it in University.  I remember loving it and trying my best with film, spending tons of time and using all the rolls I could afford to get my shots right. My effort paid off when I got the only 'A' In the class. I was so proud of my accomplishment, but the semester was done, also my commitment.


When I graduated I started working for printed Media. I ended being the editor of two magazines. where I got to work with two awesome photojournalists. I praised their photos, but never occurred to me that I would take pictures again.


Everything changed in 2012 when my love Fredy gave me the best gift ever, a DSLR.  Maybe my inner voice kicked in when I told him that a professional camera was the only material possession I really wanted. 


I came from Mexico to Canada a year after. My husband supported me while I took English classes and got adjusted to a new life.  On my year off I went to basics of Photography one more time, I took all the pictures I could, no matter if portraits or landscapes.

I really didn't have a clue at that time what would it be a smart choice for a career change in Canada, but I knew I wanted to find a job that I actually enjoyed.  

When I applied for a job in a Photography company I applied as a coordinator. Instead, the pictures on my Facebook account got me the opportunity to start working as a photographer. Nowadays I have 4 years experience as a newborn photographer. 

All this time I've been exploring my personal photographic style, trying, to understand it better and refine it. Photography is my passion and I committed to it.

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