• Sandy Manrique

How to identify your dream?

How lucky is the one who knows which is their dream from the very beginning.  I'm always inspired by children that have a passion and stick to it, they do whatever they love consistently until they get results.

I'm not like that. I remember I dreamt about becoming a singer when I was a child, I spent a lot of time in front of the mirror imitating my favourite singers. Of course I gave up before telling anyone when I realized my voice was far from acceptable.

When I was about to start College I thought I could be a pastry Chef just because my love for sweets,  but after I pictured myself overeating everyday I  changed my mind and wanted to be a Graphic Designer. Finally, the circumstances led me to choose Communication Sciences which sounded about right to me as "I enjoyed talking a lot", LOL.

There I had a Photography class with an awesome teacher.  I loved it, but it didn't come naturally to me. I struggled the whole semester with film. A friend used to do my stuff at the dark room because it was too hard for me. I remember trying my best, spending tons of time and using all the rolls I could afford to get it right and it wasn't enough.

Sadly I saw my charismatic classmates getting  better grades than me that I was devoted. I kept working and did my best at the final project when finally the teacher noticed me and gave me a 10 ("A), the only one in the class. I was so proud of my accomplishment, but the semester was done, also my commitment.

When I graduated I started working for the Media in Mexico. I started being a multitasked underpaid employee and ended as the editor of two magazines. There I got to work with two awesome photographers, I praised their photos, but never occurred to me that I could get back to photography.

Then my love Fredy gave me my first DSLR (I told him that a professional camera is one of the few material things I really wanted it). Needless to say that after a decade my knowledge was zero,  my photographer friend Jonatan Rosas helped me with the basics all over. Thanks Jon!

In 2013 I moved to Canada. My hubby was so nice that let me have a year off while studying English and adjusting to a new life. Then I studied photography for second time I took all the pictures I could, no matter if portraits or landscapes,  getting over excited when he got me the 50 mm.

The time to find a job was clicking, but I really wanted to find something that I enjoyed, and I got lucky when I had the opportunity to start working as a newborn photographer,  I've been taking picture for 3 years and trying to find my style on the side.

I know I wasn't born with passion for Photography. I know that it's life who has been screaming at me which is my purpose. I know that I have a lack of  determination, but I'm working on it, trying to learn new things and get better.

So I suggest when somebody tells youyou are good at  something, listen. When somebody remembers a photo you did a decade ago, take note. When you see something you did long time ago and make you feel something, pay attention. You don't need to have an activity that makes you loose the track of time of forget about eating to identify it as your dream, you just need to open your eyes, and stick to create whatever that makes you feel something.

Create because you want it, but more because you need it.

Another word regarding finding your style. Look what you did at the beginning, when you didn't have a clue what you where doing. I feel it's refreshing to look back and find your own self right there. That's why I asked my mom to send me snaps of some photos I did when I was in University, I think my style hadn't changed at all. Now I know where I need to look anytime when I feel confused.

Let's live a creative life. Cheers!


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